Pee Wee Program

Starting Summer 2016, we will roll out our new and improved Pee Wee program! This program will be geared toward athletes under the age of 5 and will include a variety of classes, described below. 

Pee Wee Tumble

This is an hour long introductory tumble class specifically designed for 5-6 year old athletes working on Level 1 tumbling skills and technique. In this class, athletes will go through a dynamic warm up and stretch followed by tumbling stations that focus on building strength and technique for handstands, bridges, cartwheels, round offs, and front and back walkovers. There is a strict 8:1 athlete to coach ratio to allow for safe and attentive instruction for all athletes. Tuition for Pee Wee Tumble classes is $65/month*. 

Cheer 101

This is an hour long introductory cheer class geared towards athletes ages 4-6 where athletes learn basic jump, stunt, and choreography technique. During the summer, this class focuses primarily on skill and technique. In September, Cheer 101 transitions to Show Team. Tuition for Cheer 101 is $65/month*.

Show Team

Show Team is our Pee Wee exhibition team for athletes ages 4-6. In this class, athletes learn a two and a half minute routine to take to competition and perform with the assistance of coaches. We do ask that Show Team participants commit to all competitions, which typically occur once a month starting in December and ending with our regular season in April. Tuition for Show Team is $65/month* for team practice only or $95/month* for team practice and one tumble class/week.


*All new athletes must pay a registration fee of $45 for an individual or $65 for multiple athletes within the same family. 




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