Tumble & Flight Classes 

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Program Overview

Tuition – all cost are per athlete

* $45 annual gym registration fee
* $65/month for Tumbling Classes
* $10 discount off each additional class
* $45/month for Rec. Cheer and Middle/ High Schools whose organizations use Texas Allstar Cheer.

* No-risk trial, enroll anytime! We allow every athlete to try out a class. You can register at www.texasallstarcheer.com. Follow the “Registration” link to enroll in the class that is your best fit.

* Athletes are enrolled in the class until you notify the Office in writing 21 days before the start of the next month. You can make changes to your class schedule anytime as long as there is availability.

* Class tuition is drafted through auto-pay withdrawal on the 3rd of each month. Once an athlete enrolls in Texas Allstar Cheer, you must enable auto pay information on the website or auto-pay form. We accept Visa or Mastercard.

* Coaches are designated to each class. However due to scheduling conflicts, illness, etc, the instructors to classes may vary without prior notification.

* Class tuition is not based on attendance; it simply reserves your spot in the class. Some months you may have 5 classes as opposed to 4, in the end it all evens out.

 * According to TAC's attendance policy, we do not offer make up classes for student absence or illness.

  • Unless otherwise notified, TAC remains open for all holidays except for the following:
              - Spring Break (according to the academic calendars for regional schools)
              - Memorial Day Weekend
              - The week of 4th of July
              - Labor Day Weekend
              - Thanksgiving (closed Thursday and Friday only)
              - Christmas Break/New Years (roughly following the academic calendars for regional schools)

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Pee Wee Tumble:   
This is an introductory tumbling class designed for athletes ages 4-6 to learn and perfect basic to intermediate Level 1 tumbling skills including forward and backward rolls, handstands, bridges/backbends, cartwheels, round offs, and kick overs/limbers. For more information on our Pee Wee Program, click here.

Beginner Level 1 Tumble:
This is a Mini (ages 6-8) tumbling class that focuses on basic level 1 tumbling skills. In this class, athletes will learn and perfect forward and backward rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and basic body positions such as hollow body, T and lever drills, planks, and straight leg walks.

Advanced Level 1 Tumble:
This is a Mini (ages 6-8) tumbling class that focuses on intermediate to advanced level 1 tumbling skills. In this class, athletes will learn and perfect backbend kick overs, front and back walkovers, connected tumbling skills, and variations of the beginner and advanced class skills (i.e. opposite cartwheels, switch leg walkovers, etc.

"Flip Flop" Tumbling Class:

This class will focus primarily on Standing Back-handsprings, round off back-handsprings and then progressing up to multiple back-handsprings.  Students should master a minumum of 3 backhandsprings to move on to the next class. 


"Just Tucks/Layin' Out" Tumbling Class: 

This class is strictly for students who can do a standing back handspring or round off back handspring on their own consistently (i.e. without a spot).  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS—IF A STUDENT DOES NOT CONSISTENTLY HAVE A BACKHANDSPRING BY HIM OR HERSELF, HE/SHE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE "TUCKS/LAYS" CLASS. The focus of this class will be to attain a quality series of back handsprings, back hand-spring back tucks, front handspring step outs, standing back tucks, and straight back flips on the trampoline.


"Ah Twist it" Tumbling Class:

This class will focus primarily on advanced skills such as arabians, step-outs, whip pass, fulls and doubles. You must have a solid back tuck to be in the Advanced Tumbling class. We will work on standing series to layouts, standing backs/fulls, and advanced front tumbling.

Fly High Stunt Class:

This class is a great way to increase flyers flexibility and skills. The focus is to work both all girl and co-ed parter stunts and elite basket toss work. Class sizes are going to be kept small to allow each child the greatest opportunity to get the most flying time possible. All-girl flight classes consist of learning on 3 bases, which is typical for many teams and school teams. Co-ed flight clases consist of flying on boys and learning how to fly on co-ed.


*All Star Teams:

These class times are required for All-Star Squads.  They will focus primarily on what is needed for the all-star routine. Also, the main goal is progression of the squad as a whole.  Tryouts for the competitive All-Star squads are each spring.  If interested, please attend the parent meeting in the spring (prior to tryouts).







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